Naturally Leavened Bread 2017

By common definition, naturally leavened bread is made with wild yeast grown through a fermentation process over time and "feeding".   In contrast, commercial yeast is the alternative method of leavening bread. Both methods differ in the way they interact with the flour, therefore affecting the flavor and nutrition of the bread.  Our goal is … Continue reading Naturally Leavened Bread 2017

Sourdough Fermented-Vegetable Starter

We planted some Winter Bor Kale last fall 2014 with the hope that we'd have fresh greens throughout the winter. These plants far exceeded our expectations! It is nearing the end of June and these plants are still going strong. They are not only only surviving 100 degree days recently,they are very fruitful and show … Continue reading Sourdough Fermented-Vegetable Starter