About Us

A Warm Welcome!


We are Steven and Jeannie Bolstridge of south Georgia.

We grow

  • herbs,
  • vegetables,
  • fruit,
  • mushrooms
  • pasture cover crops.

Our farm is home to Katahdin sheep, a Great Pyrenees dog and a Siberian Husky guard dog,  laying hens, and meat rabbits.  We have enough woodland property to use leaves, manure, “green” fertilizers*, and woodchips to build our soil naturally to support us and the critters who live with us.  We avoid using persistent herbicides and chemicals as much as possible on our farm.

Steven is a retired kidney dialysis RN nurse and presently tunes and rebuilds pianos. His piano business,which began in 1983, can be seen here.

Jeannie was an educational non-profit founder whose work can be seen with a therapy dog here.

We preserve our harvest by

  • Pressure canning,
  • Freezing,
  • Dehydration,
  • Cool Storage
  • Fermentation.

Steven and Jeannie

*”Green” fertilizers such as comfrey leaves and cover crops such as Austrian Winter peas or fava beans that are broadforked back into the garden bed.

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