Fall 2017

For the exception of two nights that brushed 32° for less than an hour, we have had record warm temperatures up to this date December 3, 2017. We planted some experimental crops in October that we didn’t expect a yield from but wanted to just see how they grow in a particularly warm fall that was forecasted. The Malabar red stem spinach is beautifully climbing up the Hotanova trellis. The spinach shares its large trellis area with sweet pea, who are also growing great at this writing. The collards are happy and will be even sweeter after a real frost. The herb garden is planted against the stone house foundation in a southern exposure so we expect to be harvesting herbs throughout the winter and summer. The ginger is still green topped and is against the house in the most protected part of the herb garden. The turmeric is against the house facing east and their tops have all died off for the winter.