Milking does

After over 20 years of breeding registered and grade milking does, we shut down our program in 2017. During these years we participated in USDA Milk Test and were tested yearly and were state certified for Brucellosis and TB.

We totally enjoyed the goats’ milk. At one time we held a Georgia Pet Milk license. Our method of shipping pet milk was to freeze a gallon of milk in double freezer zip lock bags in a flat baking pan. We never had any milk leak this way, and lined 2-4 gallon bags upright in a box, addressed the box to the buyer, taped it closed and returned the whole box to the freezer. We had an account with a carrier, and when the delivery truck came to our farm, I simply took the box out of the chest freezer and handed it to the driver. Our milk went to breeding dog and llama homes and remained partially frozen even to south Florida!

Last and best of all, we made various types of cheese with our goats’ milk. The fresh milk was also wonderful for kefir, yougart, and milk sauces and soups.

We miss our milking girls. We began our milking herd with purebred Nubian, LaMancha, Alpine, and Nigerian goats. After seeing the productivity of some of the grade goats, we decided to keep only the grades. They will always be a happy memory to us.

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