Tomatoes 2017 

In February we began 25 tomato plants in our mini greenhouse. There were 5 “Sweet 100s” cherry tomato plants and the remaining 20 plants were a heirloom variety named “Tigerella”. This tomato seed was a gift from our granddaughter who thought this bicolor striped tomato looked “cool”. She bought the seed packaged as a gift from Macy’s, and there was very little information about the seed. 

The skins were very thin on this tomato, and during our unusually rainy spring/early summer, we had an explosion of split skins. The splits began with the below photo . If they were not picked green at the stage as seen below, the splits would only get bigger and deeper with finally disease coming into the fruit.

 We tried bagging the young tomato clusters, but this practice did not prevent splitting. In fact, all the tomatoes in the bags split. 
This tomato is sometimes called Mr. Stripey or Green Zebra.

The last week of July and first two weeks of August were the hottest days of summer 2017 with heat indexes most every day above 100. We pulled up the tomatoes but had this wonderful last harvest of 14 pounds of sweet 100s. They are frozen in a flannel pillowcase, waiting for their processing date.

Summer 2018 we will be planting different tomatoes except for the Sweet 100s! 

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