Naturally Leavened Bread 2017

By common definition, naturally leavened bread is made with wild yeast grown through a fermentation process over time and “feeding”.   In contrast, commercial yeast is the alternative method of leavening bread. Both methods differ in the way they interact with the flour, therefore affecting the flavor and nutrition of the bread. 

Our goal is to produce a wild yeast starter without the strong sourdough taste. Although some love sourdough, our family prefers the milder bread flavor. 

Over the years I’ve gleaned from chefs’ and bakers’ advice and tweaked recipes and sourdough percentages to arrive at a milder bread. Soon I will post my recipe. You are most welcome to copy it. However, this recipe will still give you your own signature bread because the air and water that feed your starter will differ from what we have here!  Also, I’d better add that I feed the starter differently too. After making wheat or oak milk, I feed my wild yeast starter with the strained wheat and oat groats left from the milk! 

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