We planted the above Blue Tuscan Rosemary plant in the spring of 2015. It is one of the few plants who can be happy in our bed that is a southern exposure against a stone foundation. During the summers of 2016 and now August 2017, there are numerous days of the air temperature reading of 95 plus with the heat index becoming 102-107 but this Rosemary keeps growing to a massive size. She puts out beautiful blue flowers every fall-winter.

We use our multiple bladed herb scissors to cut this fresh herb into many foods. This coming week fresh rosemary will be ground in the mortar pestle and put into the sourdough starter. We can’t WAIT to taste this bread!

We are not the only members on this farm who enjoy the rosemary. The rabbits love to eat it and the mature stalks provide hours of chewing pleasure!

The rosemary lives happily here all year around so there is no need to worry about preserving it.

UPDATE: We made the mistake in the summer of 2017 of planting sweet potatoes in the same bed as the Rosemary. Although the Rosemary was well-established and was of mammoth size, the sweet potato vines crowded it so terribly that there was no air circulation and the Rosemary was attacked by scale. We cut down most of the affected Rosemary branches November 5, 2017 and sprayed it with insecticidal soap. We look forward to a healthy new rosemary plant coming up from the roots the spring of 2018.

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