Sauerkraut was our first fermentation project. We experimented with white and red cabbage, Kimchi with Bok Choy, and cabbage with added fruits and vegetables. We also experimented with different salt brine percentages. Those krauts that were too puckery sour for us were added to our compost pile!

There is one version of sauerkraut that is our favorite, with a twist. The plain green cabbage sauerkraut with 2% salinity is our basic go to favorite. After this batch of kraut is made, we nestle boiled eggs into the kraut, making sure to surround and cover the eggs well. After waiting a week or two, the eggs are ready to enjoy. Meanwhile, we carefully stole bits of kraut from around the eggs without removing their kraut covering.

A picture tutorial of our homemade sauerkraut making process can be found here.

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