Kefir and Lassi

Glass of turmeric Lassi made with non-dairy kefirEight years ago I was introduced to the Lassi from my son-in-law from Hyderabad, India. As a child, he enjoyed the Lassi drinks and he encouraged me to try it too. He said that with one taste I’d be hooked on them! When I visited him and our daughter in Hyderbad, I realized that I couldn’t exactly duplicate their Lassi drink because they use water buffalo milk to make their yogurt!  Nevertheless, the Lassi and Kefir that I make from our goats’s milk makes a delicious drink!

The Lassi drink can be

  • sweet,
  • salty,
  • savory, or
  • a combination of all of these.

I use kefir as a base and build my Lassi drink from there. I add vegetables like cucumbers or spinach, sometimes fruit, and usually a frozen turmeric cube and blend all of them together.

Pictured above is a Turmeric Lassi I enjoy, made from one of my turmeric cubes. The post explaining the procedure for making a turmeric cube is explained on another page.

The following photo shows a new Lassi that I have made with Oat milk Kiefer, blueberry,  cucumber, and some frozen ginger.

Glass of blueberry ginger Lassi made with non-dairy homemade oat milk.

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