We presently have 8 grape vines growing on a four Arm Kniffen System. The all metal supports were built in an established bed in a south west exposure. We have the following vines:

  • Concord seedless bunch grape
  • Fry seedless Muscadine
  • Unknown variety seeded Muscadine
  • Unknown variety 2 Concord seeded vines
  • 2 Welder Muscadine vines
  • Unknown variety of ruby shaded grape-vine

We can’t expect full yield from the vines due to operator error; We planted Virginia White Gourdseed Corn around the grapes and soon this corn grew to 8 ft tall and shaded the grapes. The corn was always thirsty and the grapes were not really excited about all the water and the jungle environment that the neighboring corn provided. Yes, it was not the most wise choice of companion plants to put with the grapes!

Nevertheless, the juice we are presently making from these grapes is delicious.  We’ve checked every leaf of every vine last week after cutting down all of the corn and removed any leaves that were unhealthy. We also apologized to the vines for putting them through such stress. They all produced but we are looking forward to a greater harvest next year.

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