Max the retired therapy dog

child reading to a listening dog


Therapy Dog ID photo

Max is 12 years old today, June 8th. Sadly, we don’t expect Max to survive another year. His mobility now is very compromised because his rear legs are not reliably supporting him, even with medication. Please celebrate sweet memories with us of his involvement with children on his blog here:

Max is wearing his dinner on his nose-brown rice and other yummy ingredients! For the past 2 years he lives in a semi-shaded, wooded pasture next to our house with his old friend Eeyore the goat.

Max the AKC Great Pyrenees has had a full happy life. He went through the show ring as a young man and when I bought him and brought him to his first show, he won a five point major win in Perry, Georgia. Seeing his discomfort in the show ring, we provided for him a new life as a therapy dog for reading challenged youngsters in our local primary school. He loved his new calling and clearly looked forward to hopping in the backseat of the truck to go to the local school every morning, Monday through Friday, for two school years.
We noticed that Max’s eyesight has deteriorated with age and his teeth seem to bother him when chewing his kibble. Because it took him hours to finish a bowl of kibble, we’ve been cooking his meals morning and night. In addition to the meat, brown rice, and eggs that I put together for his meals, he especially enjoys the homemade Keifer that is poured over the top!

UPDATE: Max left us about two weeks after this post. He no longer suffers and has come into well deserved rest.

RIP Max. 

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