Comfrey Russian Bocking 14

In December,2015, I planted six comfrey roots in order to provide shade for the Tumeric plants that were growing behind it. This cultivar of comfrey is well known to be noninvasive and sterile – it does not set seed. Although this is true, this cultivar of Bocking 14 is in my opinion invasive. It spreads aggressively by root and you can find baby comfrey many feet away from the mother plant in a short period of time. After digging out all of the Comfrey and rehoming it, I  am still months later pulling out leaves that grew up from the roots I missed.  The comfrey leaves are a welcome compost addition or a chop-and-drop fertilizer.

Yesterday I discovered that the comfrey were moving in on the Turmeric babies that were beginning to sprout and welcome in the new spring. It was quite clear that the comfrey had to go!  I transplanted all of the comfrey in a semi- shaded wooded area and it is very happy there.

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