Sauerkraut with Apple

The cabbage had to be kneaded much longer to release its juice using Celtic Sea salt than other sea salt because of its coarseness. This ferment needed the addition of a cup of 2% brine/water solution to submerge everything, even with it being tight packed using 4 glass ferment disks to weigh it down.

This year I make all of my sauerkraut with 2% salinity. This Apple Sauerkraut is Much more palatable and delicious compared to my last year’s experiment. Last year in 2016 I made 4 separate sauerkraut batches last year with cabbage/apples, cabbage/oranges, cabbage/ginger, and cabbage/carrots using a 3% salinity (experiment).  WOW! This 3% salinity was way too strong for our taste!

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