Mushroom Bed

  • Thanks to the great people at Field and Forest, we ordered and planted under their clear instructions a bed of Wine Cap Mushrooms. The site of this bed is in an undisturbed wooded area by our house. We started this project in late winter and felt safe in doing so because the 2017 winter was quite warm. We decided to enclose the bed within a fence to prevent our 12-year-old Great Pyrenees from resting in this soft, shady spot!

We have plenty of fallen limbs that we put through our chipper to feed the growing mushrooms. This partially wooded  land that has been undisturbed for many years is the perfect environment for growing mushrooms. The wood chips were laid on the bare peat-textured forest floor and our wood chips, referred to as substrate, were laid over the earth about 3 inches thick. We raked in the mycellium, also called mushroom spawn, that was sent to us by Field and Forest. Finally the mushroom bed was covered with another layer of wood chips.

Occasionally we add some more wood chips to the top off this bed, but the single most important element for successful growth of this mycellium network is frequent watering.

We are looking forward to a 2017 fall harvest!

(The Red Cap mushroom image appearing on our mushroom intro page belongs to Field and Forest. It can be found on their product page where we purchased their mushroom spawn. As soon as our own mushrooms make their appearance, we’ll replace Field and Forest’s image with our own! )

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