Herbes Salees

My nephew Christian,who lives in Nova Scotia,sent me this recipe at my request for Herbes Salees. After questioning many locals around his university in Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada, he found the most authentic recipe followed by a lifelong resident there. Another resident came forward to present his take on the Herbes Salees after the first person’s recipe was submitted. The new contributor had a much longer list of herbs and vegetables to salt than just the onions of the first  contributor. This is a very good way of preserving your spring onions that you might have in quantity at the harvest. After further reading,I found that the average infusion period for this mixture (in the refrigerator) is a week to two weeks before you begin using it for your stews, sauces, soups, beans, omelettes, and/or mashed potatoes! Rather than buy organic powdered onions and adding it and salt in cooking, I am trying various herbs in this salted preservation method. Also pictured is the peppery spice of Bok Choy flowers! As time permits, we plan to preserve our huge Rosemary plant similarly. We will also combine  our fresh oregano and fresh sage as Herbes Salees.

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