Summers 2016-17 Heat Protection

The summer of 2016 will be long remembered for its intense heat and rainless days. These higher-than-usual temperatures and dry days persisted from June to September! The intense heat arrived in later July during our 2017 summer but we were prepared for it.
Whereas my Gro-Guard agricultural cloth crop cover was once used to protect plants from the cold, this summer I used it to protect plants from the hot sun. I am very happy with this purchase from Farmers Friend in Tennessee.  They advised me about this purchase and the  various weights of protection. The cloth I chose allows 70% of the sunlight through it.

Below is a cluster of five Tigerella tomatoes protected in a agricultural cloth bag. These bags are very useful and manufactured by a company at Start Bagging. We are also using these bags for insect and bird protection for our grapes and on clusters of pecans.

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