The Blob in my Gardens!

Did you know that the original idea for the SciFi 1988 movie, “The Blob”, came from a living organism that was discovered in 1973 in a Texas man’s home garden? Since August of 2015, I too have watched many “blobs” grow and disappear in my gardens where I am mulching or feeding worms.  It’s well known name is slime mold, or Physarum Polycephalum. The slime mold is said to be an indication of good things happening in your garden soil! Here are some of my photos of this friendly but short-lived visitor.

Read more about these fascinating slime molds on

  • Dr. Steve Maczuga’s site
  • the Microbeworld site linked below or
  • watch the simple explanation on PBS or the Science-Guy’s very interesting YouTube video

Steve Maczuga’s delightful article

The World of Slime Molds, MicrobeWorld,

PBS simple explanation of Slime Mold


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