Mini Hugelkultur

We have about 5 acres of forest with loads of limbs on the ground in various stages of decay as well as dead branches needing to be trimmed off of trees. Additionally, we have about 2 acres of partial woods/cleared pine stands that need “stuff” removed. Our options for cleaning up the hardwood pieces are

  1. Burning and working the ashes into the soil
  2. Chipping/shredding and using for mulch
  3. Constructing a hugelkultur.

What is the greatest  benefits  that I can see for  building a Hugelkultur is the moisture that is produced by the decomposing branches in the bottom of it that keeps the roots hydrated as they grow.  When you compare a Hugelkultur  to square bale gardening, I think the Hugelkultur has far more benefits IF you have fallen limbs that need cleaning up!

Here is the finished product of our first mini hugelkultur with Daikon radishes growing in it.

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