Homemade portable hutches

  1. We found that these portable hutches work very well for most sheep and goats in our temperate climate.  They also work great for pasture raised chickens and can be made much smaller. Lastly, they are very useful as framework for low tunnels, enabling garden crops to grow safely during the winter months. These hutches may not work in areas that are windy or snowy. They are light weight and great livestock protection from a heavy rain.

The cost is around $70 for the sheep/goat size. The 3/4 inch PVC and the 12 ft roofing corrugated metal was purchased in a local big box store. The 4-point PVC connectors were purchased online from Amazon. We bought enough materials for two hutches. Here are the steps we took to build them:

  1. Cut the 12′ roofing sheets in half to make 6 ‘pieces. File to smooth the cut end.
  2. Cut two 10′ PVC tubes in half to make four 5′ pieces, three of which will be laying on the ground of the hutch.
  3. Glue connector ends on three 5′ PVC pieces. Two PVC pieces form the front and back of the hutch and have 3-point connectors. The third  5′ PVC piece is for your middle hoop in the hutch and needs 2 of the 4-point connectors that we bought online.
  4. Bend three 10′ PVC pieces and glue into the 5′ PVC pieces.
  5. The 6′ roof sheeting pieces lay horizontally, parallel to the ground.
  6.  Attach the bottom sheet first at 2 inches from the ground.
  7. Use 1″ self piercing screws with rubber gaskets. Screw through metal sheeting into the PVC tubing hoops.

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