Planting Times and Locations

We can plan our gardens more successfully by knowing particular sunrise/sunset times and how our buildings/trees cast shade in certain areas. Here are some great yearly interactive forms for almanac-type information that you can customize to your own town or pinpoint to your own location:

Rise and Setting of Sun

Hours of Daily Sunlight/Darkness

It is surprising to see how much sunlight is actually available for your plants if indeed the clouds aren’t covering it!  If the air temperature is controlled around your plant by garden placement and/or a covering such Gro Guard crop cover (mentioned on a previous post), the growing possibilities increase! In our growing zone 8b, we have great potential to grow vegetables all winter long with careful choice of plant varieties and location for capturing the daylight warmth of the sun.

Your longitude and latitude can be easily be found by providing your home address into the following information-packed website.

I make multiple “blank” copies of our below farm sketch.  As the seasons change, I write notes about the sunshine and shade of areas. In this way I can remember what crops do best in certain beds.

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