Sourdough Fermented-Vegetable Starter

sour dough bread with veggies

We planted some Winter Bor Kale last fall 2014 with the hope that we’d have fresh greens throughout the winter. These plants far exceeded our expectations! It is nearing the end of June and these plants are still going strong. They are not only only surviving 100 degree days recently,they are very fruitful and show no signs of bolting! Since I couldn’t resist using the abundance of kale in new ways, I fermented this spring a mixture of kale, onions, and carrots and then put 1/2 of these fermented veggies into 1 of my sourdough starters.

Sour dough starter with veggies added

When this vegetable sourdough starter ripened, it became the only leavening agent of this pictured bread. Yummy!

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