Our Sprouts-Fodder

Sprouts are delicious and nutritious in most stages of growth. Our original interest in sprouting was to supplement our livestock feed. Although we love to incorporate sprouts into our meals, we branched off recently in the interest of boosting livestock health. The goats liked the sprouted lentils, and next we tried sprouting trays of organic barley seed. It was a wonderful success. The animals loved it and sprouting was simple to master, though time consuming.
There are many states with long winters where it would  be an excellent health and money benefit to sprout grain for chicken or livestock fodder as well as for your kitchen table. Because we live in South Georgia where our livestock can rotate on re-seeded pastures for good grazing year around, we stopped our fodder making project.

We are REALLY thankful to have connected with brothers Richard and Steven of Petcher Seeds for teaching us about seasonal cover crops that work in our southern US area. Please check their wonderful livestock pasture seed if you are interested in reseeding your pastures annually with soil-building crops that are nutritious for your livestock.

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